We Are Advance Plastics

Advance Plastics is a custom plastic injection molder based in San Diego County, California. Since we were established in 1978, we have had one mission: To produce the finest parts, at the lowest prices. Our ISO 9001 and NSF certified 45,000 ft2 National City plant is easily accessed from three major freeways and is just minutes from the Mexican border. Our State-of-the-Art facilities are operated by a world class production team and overseen by our renowned Quality Assurance department. Advance Plastic's tradition of exceptionalism is firmly rooted in our core values of quality, efficiency, and on-time delivery.


Our sister company, International Manufacturing Solutions, specializes in mold design and mold building. International Manufacturing Solutions has an injection molding plant in mainland China and works with six mold building companies in China and Taiwan to build quality molds at exceptional prices. Over the years International Manufacturing Solutions has built over 1000 molds through our Asian partners. Recently, International Manufacturing Solutions has expanded its sources in China to include complete product flow concepts in the areas of die casting, sheet metal, electronics, sewing, assembly, packaging, fabrication, and all types of plastic manufacturing.


Together, Advance Plastics and International Manufacturing Solutions lead the injection molding industry from concept to completion, promising to bring you the very best in quality, engagement, and service.

What is Custom Injection Molding?

Wikipedia defines injection molding as a manufacturing process for producing parts by injecting material into a mold. We add customization into the equation. At Advance Plastics and International Manufacturing Solutions, we will help you design your own mold. Molding begins with a thought, is developed into a design, and engineered into reality. Custom molding is a partnership with the customer based on a strong commitment to quality, design, and cost control. It's a team effort.

Your Satisfaction is Our First Priority

When it comes to what we do, we are the best in the business. At Advance Plastics, our number one priority is to exceed customer expectations. When we make a promise we deliver and we do it on time. Our dedication to our customers is the reason why our Customer Service department responds to email inquiries in less than 60 minutes during business hours, or within 24 hours otherwise. It's why our production floor runs three full shifts, 24 hours a day. It's why time and time again, companies like Zodiac, General Atomics, Rivulis, CareFusion, Carl Zeiss, Coca-Cola, Yamaha Motorcorp, Haeco, and TaylorMade trust us as their supplier. Advance Plastics is here to serve you.

USA -- The Very Best in Quality

Advance Plastics's main plant is based in sunny San Diego. With us, you can rest easy knowing that you can have your parts proudly display "Made in the USA". Advance Plastics is a ISO 9001 and CRF certified manufacturer. When you choose to work with us, you have access to almost 40 years industry experience from an established and respected brand.

The Latest Technologies

Advance Plastics regularly upgrades and replaces its molding machines with the newest top-of-the-line equipment to help keep our cost, speed, and quality, two steps ahead of the competition. In 2015 alone, Advance Plastics added more than 4 full-size injection molding & CNC machines to its production fleet of 60-1000 ton outputting machines. Our new machines are significantly more energy efficient, helping us leave a much smaller ecological footprint and enabling us to do our part for the environment. Our commitment to the latest most efficient technologies makes us more agile, efficient, sustainable, and scalable, creating savings that we can pass down to the customer. Because of our exceptional production capabilities, Advance Plastics is able to be a high-volume low-cost manufacturer. Thanks to mass-production, we can sell you parts at almost cost. Choosing us as your high-tech supplier, makes you a high-tech customer.

The Best Employees

Advance Plastics has a long history and culture of teamwork and cooperation. Our management is very accessible to employees at every level in the company. Management, sales reps, and even the CEO spend most of the day on the production floor communicating with all employees to ensure everyone works together in harmony. Advance Plastics goes out of its way to make sure it hires motivated, outgoing, and well trained employees from a variety of backgrounds. Diversity is a core value at Advance Plastics, and we are proud to be a majority bilingual company.


Our production crew is led by seasoned mechanics, operators, and inspectors, many having decades of experience with the company. Advance Plastics's employees are trained for comprehensive documentation and data collection, allowing us to give you better information at every step of the way. Our workforce is scalable, adaptable, customer oriented, and committed to quality: Each and every employee at the Advance Plastics and International Manufacturing Solutions will give their all to make we exceed your expectations. 

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225 W 30th St, National City, CA 91950

Production Floor Hours:

24 Hours

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