Advance Plastics is a custom injection molding manufacturer.

What is custom molding? To us, at Advance Plastics, custom is exactly what the title indicates -- a particular job to fit a customer's particular need. Molding is a process that begins with a thought, is developed in design and is realized through the molding process. Custom molding is a partnership with the customer with strong commitments to quality and cost control.

Who is Advance Plastics? We are a custom injection molder located in San Diego County, California. Our 35,000 ft. National City plant is easily accessed from three major freeways and is just minutes from the Mexican border. In September, 1999, we replaced all of our molding machines with new, high technology, Nanrong machines. In addition, we upgraded or replaced most of our support equipment. We are especially proud of our state of the art facility and our quality assurance department. The emphasis in these areas is consistent with our goals of quality service, efficient production, and customer satisfaction.

Who is International Manfacturing Solutions? We specialize in mold design and mold building. IMS has an injection molding plant in mainland China and a very close working relationship with six mold building companies in China and Taiwan. Over the last two years IMS has build over 200 molds through these Asian partners. Recently, IMS has expanded its sources in China to include complete product flow concepts in the areas of die casting, sheet metal, electronics, sewing, assembly, packaging, fabrication, and all types of plastic manufacturing.
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